At what stage can we help you?

In our offer you will find all-in-one services, related to consulting and implementation of new solutions and crypto-assets in matching with the client’s business. We offer implementations of the blockchain area, also in terms of technology and marketing.

Strategy building

Starting point for further action

Token design

Web 3.0 functionality, technology and integration


Including mechanisms such as vesting or staking

Smart contract development

Secure your business with our solutions

Pitchdeck for investors

Highlight your project


Your project bible in one place


Find financing for your project with our help

Launchpad entering

The final “check”

Blockchain marketing 

Increase your visibility and recognition in the crypto world

Building a community

Engage and build community in your project

Influencer marketing

We connect you with the best industry ambassadors

Exchange listing

Make token visible to investors and market